•     How can it be that my boys are already twelve and nine? When I created this blog, Case was only five months old and now he’s nine! Time really does fly at a bizarrely fast rate. Nothing brings me greater joy than being mom to my two boys. Brooks and Case are three… [Continue Reading]

    Twelve and Nine
  •   This morning I wrote Jan. 1, 2021 in my journal. And man, that felt good. I know that a new year doesn’t make last year disappear and in fact, I don’t want 2020 to disappear. It was scrappy and tough and confusing and overwhelming. But I’ve learned that it’s in the mire when we… [Continue Reading]

    Here’s to 2021 and being unapologetically me
  • Anniversaries are supposed to be a time for celebration and excitement. Except when it’s an anniversary of the death of a loved one. With that type, the day looms ahead and then when it arrives, it feels heavy. Today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. I haven’t written on my blog in entirely too… [Continue Reading]

    A hard anniversary
  • Sometimes the words are too buried to write. Yesterday when I woke up on Mother’s Day, I thought about writing a blog post. I even opened my computer and stared at the blank screen for a moment, but then I closed my laptop and began reading. I cozied down in bed and enjoyed a good… [Continue Reading]

    The Day After Mother’s Day
  • Though it feels like a dark cloud is hanging over Earth right now, I was determined to find 10 things to smile about during the month of March, which I think we all can agree felt like a long and bewildering month. This list is much different than previous “10 Things” lists, which often include… [Continue Reading]

    10 Things to Smile About: March 2020