•   Even though we’re already into 2022, many of us are still thinking about goals and plans for the New Year. I listened to a podcast recently that blasted January’s public relations company for making everyone feel bad about themselves. Instead of promoting “New Year, New You,” the podcasters honor “New Year, Same You.” Although… [Continue Reading]

    New year, same you
  • It seems like yesterday I was running after two babies and lugging around car seats and now, suddenly, both my boys are in the double digits. Brooks turned 13 on January 19, and Case turned 10 on January 20. I haven’t been on this blog much lately. I’ve been really busy with other projects, such… [Continue Reading]

    Thirteen & Ten
  •     How can it be that my boys are already twelve and nine? When I created this blog, Case was only five months old and now he’s nine! Time really does fly at a bizarrely fast rate. Nothing brings me greater joy than being mom to my two boys. Brooks and Case are three… [Continue Reading]

    Twelve and Nine
  •   This morning I wrote Jan. 1, 2021 in my journal. And man, that felt good. I know that a new year doesn’t make last year disappear and in fact, I don’t want 2020 to disappear. It was scrappy and tough and confusing and overwhelming. But I’ve learned that it’s in the mire when we… [Continue Reading]

    Here’s to 2021 and being unapologetically me
  • Anniversaries are supposed to be a time for celebration and excitement. Except when it’s an anniversary of the death of a loved one. With that type, the day looms ahead and then when it arrives, it feels heavy. Today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. I haven’t written on my blog in entirely too… [Continue Reading]

    A hard anniversary