5 Ways to Boost Brain-Based Learning


I wrote a column recently about brain growth, primarily in children and adolescents. I learned some very interesting information. Our brain naturally grows and changes throughout our life, but we can boost our own brain growth and that of our children by following some simple steps. I’ve read several articles by Eric Jensen, the leading […]

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Wow, this weather has me so discombobulated. This week has felt long and short at the same time. Long because each night we went to bed not knowing if there would be snow on the ground and also unsure if school would be in session. That suspended time somehow. Short because it’s been fun and […]

Hollywood Wax Museum-Pigeon Forge, TN

Hollywood Wax Museum 1

I can barely mold a circle with Play-Doh so how people create exact replicas out of wax is beyond me. Nevertheless, it sure is fun looking at these life-like figures. A couple of years ago, we happened upon a wax museum near The Natural Bridge in Virginia when we were on our way to DC […]

Adventures in Floridaland

Foridaland 1

I wish I could write about couple’s massages, snorkeling, tanning by the ocean, sleeping in and eating fresh sushi, but I cannot…because none of that happened during our trip to attend a close friend’s wedding in Florida this past weekend. We certainly had some adventures, but they weren’t the ones I had envisioned. Nevertheless, two […]

Friday 5: Ice, Flying and Personal Growth

friday five 2 20 2015 1

5 Thoughts from the Week: 1. I had the busiest work week scheduled, but Mother Nature had a different plan. Ice and snow came along, and I had to work from home with both boys here. I was stressed out at first, but now looking back at the week, I somehow got most of my […]

6 Tips for Running in the Cold

tips for running the cold

Yesterday, a friend and I ran the Frostbite 5K/10K in the mountains of Western of North Carolina. The temperatures are bitterly cold around here, so our family and friends thought we were crazy for going through with it. The temperature ended up being 25 with a windchill of much lower, but we survived and had […]

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The wind is howling like a Halloween movie right now. We are supposed to get some crazy weather this week, a lot of wind and a huge snow. We will see if it actually manifests as the weather people say it’s going to. To be honest, one big snow would be nice. I live in […]

Ode to Valentine’s Day

Painted heart

Chocolate and balloons can take control But take a minute to look in your soul This isn’t a day for flowers and rings It’s actually a time for intangible things Tell those you love how you truly feel Let them know your feelings are real A simple gift is sweet and kind And a beautiful […]