Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing

It’s been a productive yet easygoing weekend, and I’ve loved it. We have been extraordinarily busy (in the holiday/birthday craziness sense of the word) since late October, and it finally feels like normalcy has set in. The excitement of this weekend was all about getting the boys situated in their new beds, and it’s been […]

Carpe Diem: Lessons Learned from Dead Poets Society


My husband and I both love, love, love Dead Poets Society. The other day when I was working on my laptop while the toddler was napping and the big boys were out of the house, I decided to turn on this favorite of flicks. As I worked and listened to Robin Williams’ unmistakable voice, I […]

Natural Remedies for the Flu #allnatural #homeopathic

Natural remedies for the flu #1

Our boys had the flu at the exact same time, two days after Christmas when we were supposed to be celebrating with my family. Because I had to hurry and get them well, I took them to the doctor to get a prescription for Tamiflu. I did not want to do it because traditionally, I’m […]

I Love Small Town America #1 #MountGilead

Mt. Gilead #1

On Saturday, I wrote a Stream of Consciousness post about Small Town America. It got me thinking just how much I love small towns. I live in a quintessential small town with a thriving Main St., Christmas celebrations, coffee shops, community schools, local  farming support and an abundance of altruism. I grew up in a […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOCSaturday #blogging #writing

We are in Albemarle right now visiting Todd’s family. We all love coming down here but I think for different reasons. Two things I love doing when we come down here are relaxing and sleeping in. There’s something about being at home that makes me feel like I always need to be doing something, so […]

Friday 5: Birthday Mania & Special Moments

Friday 5 jan 23 #2

5 Thoughts from the Week 1. I think my six-year old may be a ladies man. He loves the girls. His teacher told me last week that he and a little girl were smooching in the cafeteria line. Just a small peck, but still! Then yesterday, he was snuggling another little girl-friend during car line. […]

2 in 2

2 in 2 #1

Yesterday we celebrated Brooks’s 6th birthday, and today we celebrate Case’s 3rd birthday. It’s crazy that their birthdays are one day apart, but it’s also really fun. My sister and I had birthdays four days apart, and we loved growing up sharing birthdays and parties. In fact, we love it to this day. I hope […]

5 in 5

5 in 5 #19

For my birthday last year, I completed a post titled 34 in 34 and wrote about 34 things that happened to me in my 34th year. I’ve decided  to do the same for our boys each year as we celebrate their birthdays. Today our sweet Brooks turns six-years old which is so hard to comprehend! […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOCSaturday #blogging #writing

I can’t handle this cold weather. I do believe I have seasonal affective disorder, perhaps it’s self-diagnosed, but there’s no denying my mood is worse in the winter months. I need vitamin D and outside play and oceans and sand and pools and flip flops. It’s just the way I am. The boys’ birthdays are […]

Lessons Learned from the Soup Kitchen #FeedTheNeed


I love people. I love meeting them, talking to them, understanding them and learning their stories. It seems like a lot of folks may not have had a happy beginning or a happy current situation or a happy ending, but most people have felt happiness at some point in their lives. That’s always the moment […]